Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting this thing started... A trip to the doc.

Hello my name is Brian and I am 34 years old. I teach English in a 9-12 grade continuation school. I went to the doctors about 2 weeks ago and found out that I have high blood pressure. I also hopped on a scale and found out that I weigh 293 lbs (WTF? Right?) I was so ashamed of myself I don't know what was worse the fact that I weighed that much or the fact that the nurse announced it like a judge giving a death sentence. I just couldn't believe that I had let my weight get that out of control. I am not a total couch potato but I'm not running any marathons either.

This experience caused me to really assess what had happened to me, not in the joking "oh this is what happens when you get married" sense but a real world gut check. I never thought it would be possible for me to get this out of shape. Wow I was wrong. I have spent the last few weeks getting my life together and trying to find the tools I will use to get back in shape.

Step 1:

I went and had my BMI totaled. Well yeah I'm considered obese. I wasn't shocked by this. I discovered I need to lose several inches of body fat to lower my BMI and get it back into the healthy range. My BMI is around 40-42 (ouch I know)

Step 2:

Body fat percentage. Here was a little better news. I am 217 lbs of muscle skeleton and internal organs. What does that mean? It means that at 0% body fat I would still weigh in at 217 lbs. My body fat percentage is now at 25%. At a normal body fat percentage of 13-16% I will still be tipping the scales at roughly 250. So I don't need to lose hundreds of pounds but 30-45 lbs lighter would fix many of my problems.

Step 3:

How did I get here? Well my friends I can only say three words "Beer & Cigarettes." Yep I have got my smoking down to a non-daily event but when I crack open a cold brew in my back yard that box of smokes that lasted me the last week and half lasts me about six h
ours. I like beer too if you didn't catch that. I also identified some of the more innocuous enemies that I have been playing with. One of which was not eating enoug
A wreath Kolsch Beer - LA Times of K├Âlsch.Image via Wikipedia
h... (WTF?!?) Yep not eating enough as in often enough I am a big breakfast little lunch big dinner
guy... According to the dietician I need to be a 6-7 small meals a day guy to get my metabolism back up. Next bad guy is stress now don't get me wrong I love the young people I work with but teaching in alternative education has a myriad of challenges. My next bad guy is laziness it really is easier to let Jack in the Box make your dinner for you.

The beer and smokes are an obvious fix (Thank you nicorette) as far as the beer well it just can't be a part of the diet. What about the stress? Well after researching and trying a few different things I am going to implement daily focused meditation and creative practices (drawing writing art etc) to combat my stress along with the physical activity of the gym.

Step 4:

Now that I have an initial target weight, and understanding that I am a big guy and that isn't going to change just by getting BMI and body fat down what do I do now? I started researching different work outs. I have been on dozens of websites and read dozens of work outs. I have tried three or four of them and I learned one thing. When you are just starting out getting back into the gym just do what is sensible and comfortable at first. After a week or two kick it up a notch. Next is working on a diet eating 6-7 meals a day is a lot harder than one might think. It doesn't help when those "meals" need to be no more than 300-500 calories. Have you tried to make (or purchase) a 350 calorie meal lately? Just to illustrate a plain hamburger with onion no sauce from In n Out is 390 calories. So needless to say I am doing my best there making small pre-made meals that I can travel with.

Step 5:

I have been doing research and getting my mind and body ready for this change my go date for all systems (diet, gym, chemical reduction, meditation, and art) is August first 20011. My goal is to lose 5-10 lbs by my birthday at the end of September and possibly 20-25 lbs by the time my daughter is to be born in November.

That is the situation and the goal. I am going to document my progress on this blog if for no other reason to keep myself honest and I hope to let other people in my situation that they can change and that no one is perfect (I am sure I will make plenty of mistakes to illustrate that point).
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